Sunday, July 5, 2009

Here we go...

Hello! Just a quick note to say that AIA High School 09 is officially in what many refer to as
We are exhausted and exuberant to be here. Yes I speak for the whole group. Most of us flew in very early, had a famous Salgado barbeque, played a very original version of Bingo, which consisted of us all madly questioning each other as to which "little known fact" belonged to which person. Then we ate more, then we played Celebrity (an AIA classic) then we ate more (or at least I did). Now we are all collapsing onto our respective beds one by one in preparation for an 80's aerobic session with Cindy tomorrow morning. Yes, I say respective beds, because we all actually get our own beds this year! We are certainly moving up in the world. In general the facilities all seem excellent in our new home - lots of open space. Though I can't help but have a tinge of nostalgia in thinking about ArtSouth (one that isn't particularly shared when remiscing on our old motel) I know we will make the new space our own.
More to come - stay tuned! I can taste the excitement in the air - I will try my best to put that excitement into words over the next four weeks. And often!


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