Friday, May 15, 2009

Welcome to the Blog!

Hello to everyone in Blog-land!
I'm Seth, and in just a few weeks I'll be joining a team of amazing, courageous, talented, compassionate volunteers on a journey to South Florida where we will encounter a new community and create a camp experience for middle school and high school students involving drama, music, dance, visual art, creative writing, fun, love... and so much more. Our work is through the NYC based non-profit organization Artists Striving to End Poverty (or ASTEP), and the Homestead based NPO EnFamilia .

So far our team of volunteers looks like this:

Middle School Camp:
Seth Numrich (me)
Laura Mead

Mike Markham
Joyce Gendler
Katherine Wood

Tanesha Ross
Will Clark
Ximena Salgado

Gerald Barrett
Caity Gwin

Visual Art:
Gladys Pasapara
Liz Jaite

High School Camp:
Cindy Salgado
Jamario Stills

Keith Chappelle
Laura Estep
Anjili Pal

Kelly Jones

Allison Cave

Visual Art:
Eli Edison
Slaveya Starkon

Finn Whittrock
Meera Kumbhani

In other words, we have to teams full of ROCKSTARS!

Stay tuned to the Blog to hear (and see) more as we make our way to Homestead and get started! I'll be posting updates, photos, stories and inspirations as often as possible. Also, check out ASTEP's website for more info on all of our programs:!

With much love and even more excitement,